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Our elite biotechnologies are your last line of deference.

Following the public exposure of the top-secret CIA “MKULTRA” program in the mid-1970s, all of the ingredients were in place to realize our dreams in the broad light of day. Who would have thought that, after all of this time, going “legitimate” and controlling market share would be the missing link to our quest? Dominion over the mind of others has fallen within our grasp, and now you too can acquiesce to join our team, body and soul!

Learn more about MKUltra-Foods and Liquid Bacon by exploring the various corporate divisions of our Mind-Kontrol enterprise.

The Executive

Meet our CEO

Read a letter from the desk of our fearless leader, Mr. Mister Kincaid.

Behaviour Modification

Slather on the Liquid Bacon

Meet VP Dr. Barry Blame and learn about some of our ongoing behaviour modification programs, including Liquid Bacon & the Coma Farm initiative.

Futures Comptroller

Secrete in our Dark Pools

Meet VP Batholomew Sachs & learn more about our global financialization, off-shore banking practices & dark money portal.


Comply with your all-new identity

Meet VP Smokey-Joe Derby, the executive responsible for our Identity Reassignment program. Learn how you too can have your identity reassigned and become subordinate to MKUltra-Foods!

World Government


Meet Zoltan, VP in charge of our burgeoning “World Government Division.” Learn of the secret history of MKUltra-foods and its plans of world domination by taking in a special instructional video.