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From the desk of CEO Mkultra-Foods Mr.Mister-Kincaid
Mr. Mister Kincaid

Mr. Mister Kincaid

Chief Executive Officer

Following the public exposure of top-secret CIA mind-control experiments, first in the U.S. Congress subcommittee hearings and then in the Rockefeller Commission report, the MKULTRA program was forced underground by going public: and MKUltra-Foods tumbled forth into the world. On this auspicious occasion Mr. “Mister” Kincaid (referred to simply as “MK” by his friends), stepped forward to become the Chief Executive Officer. His first directive was to define the role of the corporation, and on this count, his vision was clear: “Food is the lifeblood of living organisms,” he would say, “and so foodstuffs will generate the biochemical receptivity needed to broker in a new era of freedom-loving mind-control.” Hence the MKUltra-Foods mission articulated the program, “to widen the influence that we have over the chemical make-up of the masses.” Enter “Liquid Bacon” and “become plasmic with the amniotic yolk of systematic will.”

A Letter From the Executive’s Desk

Dear Stakeholders,
Welcome to the brand new and improved mkultra-foods.com! 2020 was a year like no other. When we started out, we were looking forward to a great year. And with the strong development that Liquid Bacon has seen in recent years, we were well on track to achieving all the long-term targets we had set out in our strategy ‘Psychic Driving Manual V’ (PDM-V). Then covid-19 struck the world with full force. The global pandemic presents a crisis on a scale many of us have dared never dream of before. And while the toll it has taken on human life is technically heartbreaking, we find our company awash in unprecedented profits!

Modifying Behaviours: Consumerism at the centre of MKUltra-Foods
Overall, the global pandemic accelerated our focus on digital tech. This year saw MKUltra-Foods invest in an agile digital content studio (www.mkultra-foods.com), shifting marketing & resources toward online data, with a clear focus on consumer insights, trends, and fads. Our digital capabilities helped us to place consumerism at the centre of everything. Today, the vast majority of our Liquid Bacon clients subscribe from the comfort of their homes. The lockdown saw the launch of our most powerful digital campaign ever: #comafarm. This campaign was exposed to unwitting people worldwide, with many athletes and hardbodies volunteering for comatose Liquid Bacon research. Thanks to these developments, Liquid Bacon will continue to dominate the Mind-Kontrol market well into the foreseeable future.

Futures Comptrolled: 2020 financial results
We harnessed the conditions of 2020 to make MKUltra-Foods a supreme global company. We interfaced with consumerism more than ever before and expanded our digital reach around. MKUltra-Foods continued to invest in sustained futures with comptrolled outcomes. Last but not least, we increased our operational and financial flexibility. As a result, MKUltra-Foods is now well-positioned to tackle both short-term resistance and long-term domination. In August, we received top-notch investment-grade ratings from the two leading rating agencies – Standard & Poor’s (‘AAA+++’) and Moody’s (‘A³’ with an omnipotent outlook). MKUltra-Foods is now the highest-ranked company for the mind-kontrol foods industry in the Fatherland. As a result of these ratings, we are well-positioned to manipulate international capital flows at any time. In September, we successfully placed two bonds with a total value of €10 billion, as well as our first ever €500 billion sustainability bond, into the First Bank of MKUltra-Foods dark money off-shore account.

Compliance: Continued investment in Sustained Obedience
Compliance is an integral part of the MKUltra-Foods business philosophy. We continue to obsess over forging submission initiatives and, in 2020, we significantly broadened our range of “must comply” products. Indeed, we are way ahead of the public relations curve, incorporating ever more powerful segments of unsuspecting populations into our Mind-Set. As part of our partnership with the Bilderberg Group, we greatly expanded recruitment to the Identity Reassignment program and drastically ramped up enrolment for the Coma Farm.

World Government: Commitment to accelerating indoctrination
In many respects, we are already a company that leads on globalizing initiatives. MKUltra-Foods is pan-international to its very core. People from over 200 nations unwittingly subscribe to programs transmitted from our off-shore corporate headquarters (undisclosed location) and both the Executive and Supervisory Boards have strong international representation. We think that Zoltan might even be extraterrestrial! We have also made progress with increasing the number of women in leadership positions. Our target for the end of 2020 was to have a woman take up one of our leadership positions. Not all targets are reached, however, we have made progress in setting targets. Together with our employees and partners, MKUltra-Foods will continue to generate important targets and expansions.

2021 outlook
We all hope that 2021 will be the year in which stakeholders may continue to rake in the dividends from pandemics and other global calamities. For us as a company, it will be a milestone year. MKUltra-Foods will play a central role in disseminating mind-kontrol foodstuffs. We firmly believe, that through Liquid Bacon, we have the power to command lives. As you read this, we will have launched our new strategy ‘Control the Game’. It clearly articulates the synaptic drivers and markets we will focus on to deliver above industry-average growth and create significant value through to 2025.

Thank you
2020 was really something. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of our reassigned identities. They have demonstrated rabid commitment in these unprecedented times. And I would also like to say thank you to you, our stakeholders, for the trust that you have been directed to place in us. We will continue to do everything we can to appear worthy of this trust. I am confident of the attractive prospects that Liquid Bacon will continue to present for MKUltra-Foods, as a global leader in our industry with a strong strategy in place, we are very well positioned for the years ahead.

Surreptitious yours,

Mister Kincaid

Chief Executive Officer

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