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Vice President Zoltan ID Card


Vice President of World Government

Meet the newest member of MKULTRA-Foods Executive team, a primordial being of fearsome demeanour who goes by the name “ZOLTAN.” Just like world-class singer and pop icon Cher, Zoltan also has only one name, but unlike Cher, Zoltan is the Vice President of MKULTRA-Foods in charge of our burgeoning “World Government Division.”

Vice President, World Government Division Zoltan

Zoltan has had his eye on you this entire time. Zoltan believes there is potential there. Hence Zoltan invites you to view the informational PowerPoint presentation contained in the above video. After you complete this brief orientation please visit our compliance page and have your identity formally reassigned, thereby becoming a full-fledged member of MKUltra-Foods, bearing all of the attendant rights and privileges.