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Liquid Bacon

This outdoor installation was a part of the “Street Meet: Saskatoon’s 1st Annual Street, Public and Graffiti Art Festival” organized by AKA Gallery and curated by Keeley Haftner. A prominent but long derelict Texaco Gas Station sign was resurfaced with an adhesive digital print of false advertising for a fictional product called “Liquid Bacon.” The narrative appended to this work, as featured in a short 8mm film that was produced at the same time, conceived of the installation as a top-secret “Liquid Bacon Beacon”, one that transmits the mind-control foodstuff into the brains of unsuspecting citizens. For a more detailed context involving “Liquid Bacon” and commercial mind control, please visit the stand-alone website www.mkultra-foods.com. The Street Meet installation ran from July 5-30, 2013.